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Maryse Lassonde

Maryse LassondeMaryse Lassonde is full professor in the Department of Psychology at the Université de Montréal. She directs the Electrophysiology and Optical Imaging Laboratories at the CHU Ste-Justine, associated with the CERNEC.








Department of Psychology
Marie-Victorin Building
Université de Montréal
P.O. Box 6128, Station Centre-ville
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H3C 3J7

Phone : 514-343-6959
Fax : 514-343-5787
Email :Maryse.Lassonde@umontrela.ca


I – Brain plasticity and the corpus callosum. My early research concentrated on brain plasticity; more specifically, on children born without a corpus callosum and those having undergone a therapeutic transection of the corpus callosum to control their epilepsy. I was able to show that the children do not exhibit symptoms of interhemispheric disconnection and propose models of establishment of this plasticity. The work also allowed me to demonstrate that the children exhibit symptoms similar to the ones we find in split-brain patients, especially when the tasks at hand require the motor system or median fusion of sensory information.

II – Neuropsychology of childhood epilepsy. My assessment of epileptic children in need of surgery sparked my interest in the cognitive effects of childhood epilepsy itself and lead me to initiate research projects relating to the cognitive effects of focal epilepsies.

III- Concussions in athletes. Since 1997, I have been part of a Pittsburgh-based testing program for professional hockey players. Within this framework, I am the neuropsychologist that treats the players of the Montréal Canadians if they suffer a concussion. Since administering paper-and-pencil tests seemed subject to learning effects, I initiated a cognitive evoked potentials analysis program on the effects of concussions.

IV- Intermodal plasticity. The concept of brain plasticity not only applies to the effects of brain injury in children but also to the intermodal reorganization in individuals where one of the sensory modalities is affected at birth. We were able to show that blind persons had a better auditory localization capacity compared to non-blind persons and that this plasticity was related to the use of visual cortical pathways in auditory information processing in blind persons.


Childhood epilepsy, concussions in athletes, prematurity, febrile seizures.


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